3FLEX presents depth-enabled postproduction workflows and tools at NAB 2016

nabshow20163FLEX project will present its final results from April 18th to 21st at NAB 2015 (Futures Park South Hall (Upper) – SU16814), in Las Vegas, USA.

At NAB 2016, 3FLEX will present the depth-enabled workflow and show live demonstrations of the preprocessing, visual effects and rendering plugins on the established post-production platforms mocha and Mamba/Mistika. We will show the extraction and preparation of depth information from different input formats and its use within common postproduction tasks such as compositing, filtering and color grading for sophisticated visual effects. Furthermore, we will demonstrate how different 2D and 3D outputs can be generated from the same input data. We will also present the results of an experimental production which was conducted to evaluate the overall workflow and the individual plugins.

3FLEX would like to invite you to visit us at NAB 2016 for free. Please use the code LV7849 and enter it into your registration package. Register Now FREE! Use the code LV7849 and enter it into the “Exhibits Session 3-Pack” registration package and it will deduct the $150 Fee. It expires this Friday, April 1st so act quickly!

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