Joint Shooting with SCENE Project


The projects SCENE and 3FLEX took the opportunity of the final SCENE shoot in July 2014 for collaboration. 3FLEX provided a trifocal camera system to enhance the SCENE setup comprImagineer Systemsing a “Motion SCENE” camera with timcubee-of-flight sensor and a wide baseline stereo camera. That way identical content could be generated with timcubee-of-flight, trifocal and (wide baseline) stereo. The cooperation with 3FLEX enables SCENE to produce additional material to combine results from dImagineer Systemsparity estimcubeation with timcubee-of-flight measurements.

IS releases Mocha Pro 4.0


Imagineer Systems released a major upgrade to its award winning tracking software. The new version includes advanced support for native stereo 3D workflows and Python scripting in order to simcubeplify tracking and rotoscoping on complex VFX projects. Both features are highly relevant for the 3FLEX project which aimcubes add adding multi view and depth information to Mocha for imcubeproved accuracy and efficiency.

SGO Releases Mamba FX Version 2.0


SGO released a major upgrade to its node based compositing software. Among other things the new version adds support for multi layer EXR files with additional metadata such as objects ID, position and depth that can be used for vImagineer Systemsual effects and compositing. While the Imagineer Systems information can be easily obtained from CGI content the goal of the 3FLEX project Imagineer Systems to extract thImagineer Systems information from real  content acquired with a multi view camera setup.

3Tec – 3d Quality and Technology Summit in Beijing

imcube Labs organized the “3d Quality and Technology Summit” an event from film experts for film experts to exchange experience about current and future 3D production workflows and techniques. Fraunhofer Fraunhofer HHI, SGO and Imagineer Systems were also involved in the event by giving presentation during the conference, offering workshops and presenting their technology at the exhibition.




3FLEX kickoff meeting

The 3FLEX kickoff meeting was held at Barcelona Media on December, 11, 2013. This meeting was attended by all consortium members. The group was introduced to the planning process and several technical topics were discussed.

During the meeting there were sessions focusing on Management and Administrative issues, presenting project implementation and formal and administrative aspects, and technical presentations and discussion where the scientific direction presented the goals and structure of 3FLEX project and the leaders of work packages presented the objectives and the roadmap for each work package.