D3.3 Final Plugins for Depth-Enabling Preprocessing

With deliverable D3.3 final versions of pre-processing plugins are available. All plugins now follow a common structure and are tested on Mamba/Mistika, Nuke and Natron. For Mamba/Mistika the new OpenFX multiview / -part extension can now be used. In addition spatial multiplex is still supported for all platforms.

Stereo and trifocal rectification plugins have been updated for better interoperability with different host platforms. Stereo rectification modifies only one selectable input image while trifocal rectification always warps the satellite images and keeps the centre image unchanged. Parameters of both versions have been aligned and simplified. For trifocal rectification an additional possibility to manually define shift parameters has been added. Results have been compared against a ground truth sequence and show no significant deviation.

Disparity estimation now has also been split into two separate plugins for stereo and trifocal workflows. Parameters have been aligned between both versions and simplified. Results have been evaluated against ground truth and show a high percentage of identical or almost identical results.

The depth filtering plugin has been updated in terms of performance and usability while the underlying filter has been maintained.

Disparity to depth conversion provides a new scaling parameter and has been updated to the common plugin software structure.

A colour matching plugin has been implemented to cope with significantly different colours in typical trifocal setups due to usage of different cameras. The method and parameters are described and the plugin has been evaluated in some realistic footage.

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