D4.7 Algorithms for depth-enabled postproduction tools

This deliverable reports the activities carried out in the different tasks defined in the working plan of the activity WP4 “Depth enabled post-production tools”.

This document presents a set of tools that exploit depth information on different usual post-production tasks. Depth-enable post-production tools will allow editing operations that go beyond the limitations of current video post-production. In particular, HHI describes the semi-automatic depth map refinement (T4.1) and EUT focuses on advanced rotoscoping (T4.2), clean-plate creation for planar backgrounds (T4.3), entity labelling (T4.4) and clean-plate creation for complex scenes. All of these techniques will significantly help the user to manipulate visual content. Finally, it also presents new nodes that allow to take advantage of depth information for visual effects in 2D and 3D productions.

The post-production tools introduced in this document have been implemented as plugins for the mocha platform by Imagineer Systems and the Mistika/Mamba platforms by SGO.

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