D5.3 Final Plugins for Depth Image Based Multiview Rendering

Deliverable D5.3 describes the final plugins for depth image based rendering and inpainting.

Identical to the rectification and disparitiy estimation plugins described in D3.3 rendering also follows the approach to provide different plugins for different workflows. Therefore three rendering plugins were implemented: Trifocal Rendering, Stereo Rendering and Video+Depth rendering. The plugins support different input and output formats including spatial multiplex, separate images and the OpenFX multiview extension in Mamba and Mistika. All rendering plugins can render the following formats: 2D, stereoscopic 3D, autostereoscopic 3D mixed for Tridelity and Alioscopy displays as well as multi view image output (5 and 8 view) for external mixing software.

For image and depth based inpainting two plugins have been implemented. One plugin works with individual camera/depth input pairs and provides an automatic clean-plate which can be used later to fill holes during the depth image based rendering. The second plugin can be used after the rendering to fill already existing holes. It has been designed for a trifocal spatial multiplex workflow.

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