D7.4 Planning for exploitation 2

This deliverable reports the results of the activities conducted within WP7 of the 3FLEX project including the market analysis and monitoring as well as the definition of plans for exploitation and dissemination.

The market analysis gives an overview of the post-production market in EU and Worldwide, including a closer look into the Chinese market given its growing importance nowadays. It further analyses the current trends and issues both at the industrial as well as the scientific level. This is complemented with a benchmarking table, and analysis of the impact of the 3FLEX results on the project partners and the overall industry.

Current trends and challenges show that even though 3D has lost momentum during the past years, it is still of great interest for the cinema industry and broadcasters, which still demand on most cost-effective ways for generating 3D content. This is a clear opportunity for the 3FLEX workflow and tools, which precisely aim to reduce costs in 3D productions while allowing more flexibility and creativity during the postproduction process. On the other hand, the analysis of industrial and scientific trends shows that the competition is still pretty limited, even though several tools have appeared in the market that exploit depth information in post-production processes.

Based on the collected information, the final exploitation plan, which updates the initial one from D7.2, is presented.

Finally, this deliverable goes over dissemination activities carried out during the project and the dissemination material created and presents the plan for a future dissemination event.

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